Top 10 Software testing trends

Trends such as faster development and quicker time-to-market not only keep the developers busy but also the testers. The need to deliver quality solution in lesser time means good coding, excellent test support and collaboration between development and testing team.
That is precisely why the testing solutions are moving in the direction of automation and action-based test results, which also provide visibility to the development team. As the software world is moving towards DevOps, one of the key elements for any testing tool to be successful is its compatibility with rest of the heterogeneous tool set in an organization. Test would eventually become seamlessly integrated with development, and the roles of the testers will also evolve accordingly.

Automation Testing is considered as one of the most trending methodology followed these days by many software testers as well as QA, in the overall Software Testing/development life cycle. With the help of automation testing, one can get more effective as well as efficient test results. As software testing is moving towards automation, most of the software testers as well as QA are switching themselves from Manual testing to Automated testing.
Therefore, for any testing solution to be successful, the tool needs to have a rich interface, which allows customization and cross-tool collaboration. Several good testing solutions, therefore, come along with integration solutions that help them seamlessly connect with other disparate tools in an organization’s ecosystem.
Upcoming key trends in software testing are:
  1. Emergence of Open source tools
  2. Automated Mobile Testing, 
  3. Big Data testing
  4. Web services testing
  5. Automation with continuous integration
  6. DevOps is here
  7. TDD & BDDThe testing budgets will grow
  8. Continuous integration testing will grow
  9. Depending upon the functionalities, some of the tools like Selenium, TestingWhiz, Appium, etc. provide such platform to experience automated software testing.
  10. Docker and cloud rules the world.