How to test a music player app on a mobile phone device?

For testing an app on mobile, we can do it module wise:
  1. Verify that if it works as expected on android and IOS both.
  2. Verify that it is accessible on Google/App store & can easily installed from there.
  3. Verify that it is installable on the mobile device.
  4. Verify the basic features like Play, pause, stop, forward, back on the music app.
  5. Verify that you can Create and use playlist(s).
  6. Verify that Music Streaming Feature works perfectly.
  7. Verify that you are able to search a song and start streaming.
  8. Verify that Low bit rate music plays if data connection is slow.
  9. Verify that music still plays offline if streaming is completed.
  10. Verify the Upload feature of the app.
  11. Verify that user is allowed to search the music and listen after upload.
  12. Verify that with different users also the recently uploaded music is available.
  13. Verify that If upload refers to copying music to the device, then just check that copy is successful and user is able to see the music in the player and listen.
  14. Verify the  GUI  for Play, Pause, Resume, Next, previous, Volume up and Volume down.
  15. Verify that user is able to create playlists and songs played on the player as per playlist.
  16. Verify Saving music tracks on existing playlists or new playlist.
  17. Verify that user is able to find music as per Genre or other catagories.
  18. Verify that Performance of app when connected to different sound systems.
  19. Verify the behaviour of app behaves when it left idle for long time.
  20. Verify how app behaves when two or more same kind of app available.
  21. Verify that FB or Tweet capability of music app.
  22. Verify the app by playing it continuously non stop for long duration.
  23. Verify the app for Stress testing.