What is Selendroid ?

Selendroid is a mobile automation testing tool . 

Operating Systems

Slendroid is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows. It needs Java SDK (1.6 and above). Also you need to install Android-SDK .

The apps that have already been built can be tested with Selendroid.  You just need to install Android apps (apk file) on the mobile device. Now start the selendroid-standalone server . To install the apks on the device both selendroid-server and AUT must be signed with the same certificate

Download selendroid-standalone.jar and cd to the folder where you downloaded the jar, and run:
java -jar selendroid-standalone-0.17.0-with-dependencies.jar -app selendroid-test-app-0.17.0.apk


Selendroid-standalone will start a http server on port 4444 by default. However you can change the port if you want.