How to Create an Instance of a Hash Table ?

Hash Table Algorithm

Hello friends, today I will take you through some of the basic Hash Table functions .

Lets see how we can do the following using a Hash Table:

  • Creating an Instance of a Hash Table
  • Adding Keys and Values to the Hash Table
  • Feching/Getting thhose Keys and Values from the Hash Table

1. First of all you will need to import java.util.Hashtable
2. Then Create a Class
3. Define the main() method as Static .
4. Create the instance of Hash Table with following Syntax

Hashtable NameofHashTable = new Hashtable();

5. Add Key , Value pair to the Hash Table using the following code

NameofHashTable .put(KEY , VALUE) ;

6. Fetch the VALUE from the Hash Table by  telling the KEY whose value you want to get .

Suppose you want to get the VALUE "First Inserted" then ,

NameofHashTable .get(KEY)  i.e
NameofHashTable .get("first")

7. Similarly, if you want to remove a VALUE from the hash table, you will have to specify its KEY.

NameofHashTable .remove(KEY)  i.e
NameofHashTable .remove("first")

Friends, please feel to write in for any suggestions , or post you comments here .