What is a Network?

Dear readers, if you are asked what do you understand by a "Network". What will your answer be? .

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So let's read on to understand the networking concept.

A Network is a collection of devices connected to each other. These devices can be anything ranging from computers to printers etc.

What is the importance of Networks?

  1. Networks play an important role in decreasing the cost , time and effort required in data transfer, that may otherwise be cumbersome task and a costly affair.
  2. Networks thus increase productivity.
  3. Networks enable resource optimization by sharing them within the network.

Types Of Networks

  • Basic Network 

two hosts directly connected to each other using a networking cable.

                                            Host 1                                                      Host 2   

  • Hub Network 

                                          Host 1                         Hub                            Host 2   
                                                                       Host 3                                                    

  • Switched network
                                           Host 1                    Switch                            Host 2

                                                                       Host 3                                                    

  • Router network