Virtualization Simplified

What is Virtualization?
An act of creating a virtual version of something is called virtualization.

What can we create ?
We can create virtual computer hardware platform, operating system (OS), storage device, or computer network resources.

Virtualization began with an idea of logically dividing the system resources that were provided by mainframe computers between different applications.

Hardware virtualization : refers to the creation of a virtual machine . That virtual machine will now act like a real computer with an operating system.
Ex. A computer that is running Microsoft Windows can host a virtual machine that looks like a computer with the Ubuntu Linux operating system;

Host machine -  virtualization takes place actually on the host machine. Software runs on the physical machine here.

Guest machine -  is the virtual machine. Here software runs on the virtual machine

Virtual Machine Manager - is the the software or the firmware that creates a virtual machine on the host hardware. Virtual Machine Manager is also called a hypervisor .

Firmware is "the combination of a hardware device, e.g. an integrated circuit, and computer instructions and data that reside as read only software on that device" ex.  television remote control.
Points to Remember:
Virtualization means creating a virtual version of something.
It can be a virtual hardware, virtual software (OS), virtual network or virtual storage device.
The software that creates a virtual machine is called hypervisor. Hypervisor creates this virtual machine on physial hardware machine called the host. Virtual machine is called the guest machine.

Why- Virtualization or cloud is done for sharing of resources like hardware, CPU, Memory etc.

ex. A computer running Windows OS hosts a Virtual machine that has Linux OS