Core java Concepts

Applet is an interactive image embeded in a HTML page with IMG tag.
reacts to user commands, changes its appearance, and sends data between the computer viewing the applet and the computer serving it

Try to minimize the number of classes that depend on each other. The point is, if a class A is unaware of the existence of a class B, it is also unconcerned about any changes to B! (And this means that changes to B do not introduce bugs into A.) In software engineering terminology, you
want to minimize the coupling between classes.

To work with objects, you first construct them and specify their initial state. Then you apply
methods to the objects.

To construct a Date object, you combine the constructor with the new operator, as follows:

new Date();

This expression constructs a new object. The object is initialized to the current date and time.

If you like, you can pass the object to a method:

System.out.println(new Date());

Alternatively, you can apply a method to the object that you just constructed. One of the methods of the Date class is the toString method. That method yields a string representation of the date

String s = new Date().toString();

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