What is Java Code Testing?

Java Code Testing

While developing an , we as developers are faced with several challenges  such as :
·  How stable is the code?
·  Does it follow agreed upon coding rules and standards?
·  Is the code optimised for best performance?
·  Is the application portable across multiple platforms?
· Will there be any memory leaks?
· Will the application work consistently across 32-bit and 64-bit systems?
· Will the application work across the globe?
· Is there any unused code, variables and so on... in the application?
· Does the code follow correct object oriented principles?

Such issues if not detected in the early stages of the development cycle, can prove to be extremely expensive by way of 
Ø  unsatisfied customers,
Ø  damage to the reputation of the organisation and
Ø  extended hours of identifying issues and correcting them.
So in order to tackle such issues, we need to perform Java Code Testing. Java Code Testing involves testing our java source code against industry standard coding rules .

It ensures that our java source is
Ø  stable,
Ø  optimised,
Ø  consistent,
Ø  portable and
Ø  compliant with coding standards.

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