QTP Testing process

Quick test Proffessional , often reffered to as QTP has test development in stages.

What are these stages? That we will see in the para below .

These stages help a test developer to break there tasks first and then write their scripts , implement and Run and then Analyse the results.

Stages of Test development with QTP
Test process with QTP comprises of consists of 6 main stages:
  • Plan test - Analysing Application and  Create a test plan, test flow, collect test data and identify expected results Also identify system requirements   .  
  • Create Tests: Now its time to create tests, record your scenarios on AUT using QTP. QTP creates Object repository at this stage to learn and save the objects of AUT. VB scripts tests are thus created.
  • Enhance Scripts:  Insert checkpoints , parametrise the variables, set output values and programming logic at this stage
  • Run Test: In this phase you will perform the actual execution of your Test Script. Debug if you encounter any errors.
  • Analysing Test Results : Results will be generated in Fusion reports. Analyse the reports thoroughly .
  • Report Defects: In case you encounter any failures, log the bugs in Quality Centre