What are the Top 5 automation testing tools and technologies in demand ?


Selenium WebDriver ( Java or python with TestNG integration ) and preferably with knowledge of CI tools - Jenkins or Maven
Appium or other tools for mobile automation
Cucumber or any BDD testing tool
Selenium with Protractor for Automation of angular JS applications
UFT or as it was called QTP
Jmeter or any performance testing tool should be your last priority


Agile frameworks (Test Driven, Behavior Driven) ,
General automation frameworks (Hybrid and Data Driven.
Applying Page Object Model structure for structuring your automation script.


Some of the trending technologies used in the development of automation testing tool, for the better test coverage are:

Record and Playback for automation testing: 

Software testing is a repetitive activity, test scripts are to be executed again and again. With this feature, you can record the activities which you want to test and can replay later whenever needed. Hence, instead of writing test scripts again and again, record and playback feature helps in overcoming the problem of writing repetitive test scripts. For example, test automation tools like Selenium IDE, Testingwhiz, Ranorex, etc. uses this technology/feature.

Code-less testing framework

This is one of the most user-friendly feature considered these days while developing a test automation tool as it reduces the coding efforts, which is quite lengthy as well as time consuming. For example, one of the widely used tool named Testingwhiz provides this feature. Using this tool, test scripts are prepared through in-built commands and there is no need to write any codes, resulting in faster execution of the test scripts.

Integration with Test Management Tools: 

Integrating the test automation with test management tool will help you to manage your various test activities, enabling you to get optimized results or better test outputs. For example: Integrate Testingwhiz  with the test management tools like Test link & HP Quality center.

Integration with Bug Tracking tools

Integrating the test automation with bug tracking tools will help you to track the bugs, as and when they are encountered during the overall testing process. This will help you to report, track and fix the bugs. For example: Testingwhiz is integrated with the bug tracking tools like Jira, Mantis, Fogbugz.

Integration with Databases

Integrating your testing with the database is another important technology followed these days for test automation, as this helps you to test database, check data integrity and verify the health of the database. For example Testingwhiz is integrated with database frameworks like My SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Hadoop, etc.