How to write Top 16 critical test cases for Pendrive

Test cases from real life that you are most likely to be asked in your interview.

What is a Pen drive ?
Pen drive is a storage device widely used to keep data configured or not.
Test cases for Pen drive :
  1. Verify that the drive opens without any error or warning when you click on Start, Select My Computer , right click on "Removable drive" and open.
  2. Verify that the appropriate warning message is displayed with action  "Format the Drive" to be performed by the user, when you click on Start, Select My Computer and Right click on drive and Format the Drive.
  3. Verify that the A separate pop-up will be opened to display the Available and Used space on the Drive when you click on Start, Select My Computer and , Right click on "Removable drive" and Select Properties.
  4. Verify that the pendrive’s required memory is available as said. [For Ex: pendrive storage space is 2GB or 4GB or 8GB.]
  5. Verify that the LED of the pen drive is available.
  6. Verify that the LED is working fine.
  7. Verify that files can be stored in all different formats.
  8. Verify that the write protected switch is available or not.
  9. Verify that the pendrive icon is displayed in “My Computer”after you connect it with a laptop or desktop.
  10. Verify that data can be written to a Pendrive using a magnetic drive ex. HDD, Optical drive ex. CD-ROM etc.
  11. Verify that data can be retrieved from the Pendrive.
  12. Verify that Pendrive is detected​ correctly. If it is a USB device, it is detected as a USB drive.
  13. Verify that the pendrive shows the correct data storage capacity.
  14. Verify that data written to or read from the pen drive is in proper format and is not corrupted.
  15. Verify that the pen drive can be formatted and hosts the file system correctly, with which it is formatted.
  16. Verify if the pendrive stores correct​ amount of data as it says. For example pen drive capacity is 2GB and you try to save 4GB data in it.It should give the correct error message.