How to write test cases – step by step guide ?

Start with analysing the software requirements documents.You must have a clear idea of the application and its functionalities. Understand each module in depth and create test cases module wise. Start with a standard template that is agreed upon and approved by the management/ team lead etc. It must have basic columns and parameters to be included.

The following columns must exist in test case template :
  • Test case ID/Name 
  • Objective/Description
  • Test Steps, 
  • Test Data,
  • Expected Result, 
  • Actual Result, 
  • Status, 
  • Executed by,
  • Execution Date
Test cases ID/name: Is the number of test cases you wrote for your module.It is alphanumeric for unique reference. You should follow same format across the whole team.

Test cases ID/name should be self explanatory i.e. anyone should be able to understand the functionality covered in the test cases by reading the test cases name.

Objective/Description: You must write brief description of the test case as to what it does and how it checks the functionality or performance.

Test Steps: Create test steps one after another in the sequence. keep in mind that you should not combine more than one kind of validation in one step. Add attachments to test cases such as document/wire frame references if necessary.

Test Data: Mention valid as well as Invalid test data or Input data.

Expected Result: What is expected outcome of each step. Like if you click on login button you should be taken to the relevant page.

Actual Result:  What is the actual result after you execute the test step. Is it same as expected or is it different.This is documented when you actually run the test cases.