How to choose a testing tool?

This goes on in the minds ranging from a tester to a test manager. All have on goal in mind. How to make the testing project successfull?
It is hard to answer this question with so many options available theses days. 

Dear Readers, I will try to list out key tools related to the skills you often need to be an effective QA:

  • Defect management tools

  1. Bugzilla, 
  2. Fogbuz, 
  3. Mantis 

  • Project/Issue tracking tools

  1. JIRA
  2. Rally 

  • Agile Management tools

  1. VersionOne, 
  2. JIRA 

  • Test management software

  1. HP ALM, 
  2. TFS, 
  3. qTest

  • Automation tools
  1. QTP, 
  2. Selenium
  3. TestingWhiz,
  4. Sahi.
  5. Ranorex,
  6. Watir,

In addition to all these, you might need some broken link checkers, screen capture & annotation tools, documentation creation tools(MS Office), etc. If you are doing any specialized form of testing such as UX/UI, usability, accessibility etc, you are going to need specific tools.
It might seem overwhelming that one person should all these tools and also, every client might have their own tool box which means learning new tools is a part and parcel of being a QA.
A strategy that works for me is to learn one tool per category perfectly so you can easily transition to all the tools in the same category easily. Just like if you can order a product on amazon, you can do it on ebay too. :)

As software testing is moving towards automation, most of the software testers as well as QAs are switching themselves from Manual testing to Automated testing. Today, Automated software testing is considered as one of the most trending term in the field of software testing, as it is considered as one of the efficient as well as effective software methodology, making the overall software development/testing life cycle better and taking it to some different level.
Depending upon the functionalities, there are various good Automation testing tools. It totally depends upon the need and requirement of the tester, say for example, some needs Web test automation, some needs to automate Database testing or Cross-Browser testing, etc. Some of the Best Test Automation tools mostly used by the QA engineers these are:
1.ew tools among these like Selerium, TestingWhiz, etc. provides multi-functionalities, and hence are used by many testers/QAs. Further among these, TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation tool which is easy to learn and implement. You can download its 30 Days Enterprise version and experience the actual automated software testing.

For Web testing:
Firstly Selenium, can write tests in  different programming languages, including Java, C# , Perl , PHP , Python, JavaScript and Ruby.  Can acquire good knowledge on programming.
QTP/ HP Unified Functional testing(UFT) also known as UFT,used for  functional and regression testing,VB scripting knowledge is required.
Apache Jmeter, load testing tool, and to measure performance of different services  on web applications