What can you not miss knowing about System testing ?

What is System Testing?

System testing validates the functionality of the system from an end-to-end. It includes both functional and Non-Functional testing.

Application Under Test (AUT)

System  being validated is called System under test (SUT) or Application under test(AUT).
System testing is covered under black-box testing, therefor a system tester does not need to know the internals or code of the system 

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Types of System Testing

  1. Hardware/Software testing - Usually here interactions between the hardware and software during system testing are tested
  2. Functional Testing - Testing all the functionalities of a system as it should work
  3. Migration Testing - Tester will test here that the system in a way that it ensures that the product is good to be migrated from and older infrastructure to a newer one.
  4. Usability Testing - How easy it is for the user to navigate through the application and use it. All this is tested during Usability testing .
  5. Load Testing - To see that the product performs well under real life scenarios with multiple users acting on it simultaneously, we perform Load testing.
  6. Regression Testing - Newer functionalities and development of new modules should not affect and break the older ones. This is ensured in  Regression testing .
  7. Recovery Testing - Testing an application or software system for reliable, trustworthiness and if it can successfully recoup from possible crashes,  Recovery testing is done.

How to do System Testing?

Here you will integrate all the modules, or different subsystems and then enter validations or input data as a real user would do, and then will verify the resultant output. This covers testing a system end-to-end. Here everything is tested in the process. You can say it is a dress rehearsal before the actual show begins .
In the process you will test all the functionalities of the system. Test if the data flows properly as required between the modules. Testing of web services involved, database testing etc. everything gets tested when you are checking the system end to end.

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