Are you a BETTER Tester ?

Hi friends , Has that question ever occurred to you since you started you testing career? If Yes, then you are not alone.

What makes a better tester ?

We often encounter situations in our professional life which test our testing skills . 

1. Are you inquisitive ?

Do you like to explore, go into the depth of the topic. Do you find yourself asking questions most often on things that others just assume and move on? Then you better pat your back ! :) you have the most important quality of a good tester

2. Do you eagerly get involved into the process as soon as the Requirements come in ?

How often do you analyse the requirements. If you believe testing starts with requirement gathering, then of course you are definitely a step ahead than others who get involved in the phase when the product is half developed and done. And then begin testing with half cooked information.

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3. Do you consider quality more important than quantity ?

4. Do you thing like an end user ?

5. Do you not mind to dig into the code base to find out possible bugs ?

6. Do you not mind going that extra mile ?

7. Do you yearn for a certification ?

8. Do you have that urge to learn continuously ?

9. Do you think yourself to the lucky one to get into software testing ?

10. Do you write effective bug reports ?

Attaching screen shots and providing detailed bug reports will give the developer the information he or she needs to understand the bug and fix it. Where did it occur, when, how many times, on what devices, running what operating system and under what circumstances? Without the right details a bug is useless to a development team.
11. Do you have fun and enjoy testing ?

12 .How do you rate yourself as a software tester ?

Your Opinions and Queries ?

Friends, now its time for you to ask some questions if you have ? You may have more experience or if you think that i have missed some points here as to what makes a person a better tester, please feel free to share in comments .