Agile Testing

Agile Testing Methodology

What is Agile Testing ?

Agile testing process

Agile  is a software development methodology . In this kind of development model members consist of a cross-functional agile team . Highly specialized testers with excellent domain knowledge comprise the team. Small components or modules of software are delivered to the customer at frequent intervals. This ensures customer involvement in the project throughout the development and testing process.

Agile is an iterative model in which working software components are created within a short span of time. A typical iteration cycle may range from 2 to 3 weeks, in which the team will gather requirements which are called User Stories from the client design, develop, implement , test and deliver a small module agreed upon.

This methodology is marked by Scrum  meetings , which happen every single day , in which all the team members update their current status of work.

Agile development model ensures testing activity as integral part of software development, along with coding.There is no separate testing or development team. A small group of programmers and testers work together to create  the product.  Testers on agile teams lend their expertise in eliciting examples of desired behavior from customers, collaborating with the development team to turn those into executable specifications that guide coding.

Agile testing covers all types of testing. in each iteration . Testing and coding are done incrementally and iteratively, building up each feature until it provides enough value to release to production.